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Clark Jennings offers a variety of services and details about where to live in Washington state and all the extras that go along with buying a house, ranch or commercial farming operation.  We can help narrow your search down to the right property at the right price and take care of all the details in the process.

Eastern Washington offers a totally different scope of living than western Washington. Home to Spokane, Tri-cities, Wenatchee and Yakima, the eastern side of Washington is a great investment opportunity waiting to happen. Some of the more popular places are as follows:


East of the Cascade Mountain Range is Yakima Washington. Home to about 91,000 residents and is situated in the Yakima Valley, which is noted for being one of the best apple-producing areas in the world, a major wine region and produces approximately 75% of all hops grown in the USA. The Yakima Valley Museum houses exhibits related to the region’s geology and history, a restored soda fountain, and periodic special exhibitions. Downtown Yakima’s historic Capitol Theater, Seasons Performance Hall, as well as numerous downtown Yakima music events, present numerous musical and stage productions. The city is home to the Yakima Symphony Orchestra. The Yakima Area Arboretum is a botanical garden featuring species of both native and adapted non-native plants. Popular music tours, trade shows, and other large events are hosted at the Yakima SunDome in State Fair Park. Forbes Magazine calls Yakima the #1 city for job growth.


Set on the eastern border of Washington is the booming town of Spokane, the second largest city in the state. Home to about 208,000 residents, folks that live in Spokane enjoy dozens of renovation and expansions over the years. The most recent River Park Square Mall provides shopping and meeting locations for all of Spokane. Other renovations include the expansion of the Spokane Convention Center, and the renovation of the historic Montvale Hotel and Fox Theater (now home to the Spokane Symphony).  Local developer Rob Brewster has proposed building the new VOX Tower which, if constructed, will become the tallest building in Spokane.


The Tri-Cities area of Washington is located in the southern region of Eastern Washington. Comprised of three cities in one, this highly addictive area is growing by leaps and bounds annually. where to live in Washington


Named the Slurpee Capital of the World in 2008, Kennewick is located along the southwest bank of the Columbia River, opposite Pasco and just south of the confluence of the Columbia and Yakima rivers. There are currently about 73,000 residents in Kennewick. Forbes magazine named Kennewick the #2 area in the United States for job growth. The article cites the number of scientists employed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and area farmland for this outlook.

Pasco - West Pasco

Pasco is home to about 60,000 residents and due to the agricultural region in which it sits, several large food processing companies have a presence in the city of Pasco. Recently incorporated land on the West side of the city has exploded into new housing tracts, apartments, and shopping centers. This area of the city has become referred to locally as "West Pasco", distinguishing it from the older area of town to the East. In addition to an influx of new residents to the region, many residents of the Tri-Cities have moved from Richland and Kennewick to West Pasco due to its central location and virtually all-new housing and business.

Richland - West Richland

Richland is home to about 49,000 residents and sits at the northwest side of the Tri-Cities south of the Columbia River. Richland has developed a number of parks, several of them fronting on the Columbia and Yakima Rivers. The rivers provide boating, water skiing, fishing, kayaking and waterfowl hunting opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. Snow skiing and hiking are no more than 1–2 hours away. Richland is included in a 23-mile bike trail system in the Tri Cities which is named The Sacagawea Heritage Trail. The trail is a scenic river ride along the Columbia River through the Tri Cities of Kennewick, Richland and Pasco.

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