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Thinking of buying a home with acreage in or around Yakima, Washington?

There are dozens of homes for sale with land or acreage in the Yakima County area. The price ranges typically start around $275,000 and can go as high as over $3 million depending on size, style, and lot size.  Many hobby farms have irrigation water rights for pasture and hay ground or for small tracts of tree fruit and wine grapes.  Contact our Yakima sales staff to see the latest in orchards and vineyards for sale, and open range land or pasture for grazing.Homes with land in Yakima

The median or average size home and price are anywhere from $250,000 $650,000 and are a mixed bag of manufactured homes and site built homes. Typically, for around the same price you can get a manufactured home on 10 acres or a site built home on 3 acres. The style of home attached to the property will really make a difference on the price.

Once you reach over $450,000,  homes are going to be larger square footage and a variety of lot sizes. There are beautiful homes built within the last 10 years with large footprints of over 4000 ft.² on 1 to 2 acre lots for between $450,000 and $500,000. These may or may not include multi-stories, basements, outbuildings, multi-car garages, or dozens of other amenities and features.

Depending on what you want to use the property for, homes with land in Yakima are perfect for just that extra space you may need, or perhaps to build sheds, barns, or extra warehouses. Many people choose to have their business located on their property and you may need the zoning requirements for building extra outbuildings. These outbuildings are going to need extra acreage and land and there are dozens of properties currently available in the Yakima area that may just fit this bill.

If you are considering a larger plot of land for perhaps pasture area or farmland, an agricultural loan with the right housing associated with the property is what you may need. Clark Jennings offers all the details you will need to purchase this type of property and any type of home or property with acreage or land in the Yakima area. We specialize in homes with land and larger plots of acreage. We can help you secure the right loan, negotiate on your behalf for your terms and price, and help you close on time for the right home, property, or land.

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