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Where to Live in Washington

Eastern Washington offers a totally different scope of living than western Washington. Home to Spokane, Tri-cities, Wenatchee and Yakima, the eastern side of Washington is agreat investment opportunity waiting to happen.





What is the difference between agricultural loans and typical residential loans?

Many banks do not even offer agricultural loans primarily because the bank themselves is not situated anywhere near the farm land. Most banks reside in urban communities and therefore have no need for the extra requirements for approving agricultural loans. Read more on agricultural loans in Tri-cities and Yakima....

Considering Purchasing a Vineyard in Eastern Washington?

Buying a vineyard is no small task. If you have been thinking about buying a vineyard there are options and details you must consider. Because of this specialized investment you will want to enlist the help of an experienced agent or broker that specializes in this type of purchase. Without it, you may end up spending more for your investment than you have to. Read more about buying a vineyard in Eastern Washington...

Thinking of buying a home with acreage in or around Yakima, Washington?

There are dozens of homes and manufactured homes for sale with land or acreage in the Yakima area. The price ranges typically start around $100,000 and can go as high as over $3 million depending on size, style, and lot size. Starting on the lower end there are typically more manufactured homes with land available rather than site built homes. Read more about homes with acreage here...